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Thankful does not even begin to describe what I feel today. Many years ago, when my children were young, I began to contemplate what their educational journey would look like. There were many options, which included public schools, private schools, and home education. I knew, regardless of what path we traveled down, I wanted to be included. I wanted to have my hands in the mix to help encourage and stimulate their minds.  Over the years, the path has gone many different directions, but one thing remains the same, I am there—in the thick of it.

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Along the way, I knew I had A LOT to learn. As most parents do, I read books…lots and lots of books. I did research on the Internet. I consumed anything and everything I could get my hands on. Then, when my brain could do no more, I picked up the phone. You see, I had a direct line to some of the best teachers, ever. I could call Brenda Shurley to get her take on a teaching strategy. Jamie Geneva was there when my junior high kiddo needed to learn all about gerunds.  Ruth Wetsell was on the line when I needed to figure out what dyslexia was and what this diagnosis would mean for my youngest kiddo and me. I had a village of experts! They shared their knowledge with eagerness and were always willing to offer up more…more tips, more tricks...always more. I had a community, a band of educators that showed me ways to ignite learning. 

The NEW Shurley English Blog for #ELAsuccess

The NEW Shurley English Blog for #ELAsuccess

My goal, for many years, has been to find a way to share this knowledge with others and create a reliable, and sometimes brutally honest, resource for fellow educators. Today, I am happy to announce the beginning of the Shurley English Blog! We have assembled a rock-star team to discuss trends, strategies, and tips for success. It’s all about encouragement, support, and aiding each other.

I invite you to…

Get excited. Join the conversation.

#ELAsuccess starts here!



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Kim Shurley

Kim Shurley is a wife, mother, educator, and wanna-be rockstar. She graduated with honors from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock with a degree in Marketing in 1999. Upon her graduation, Kim joined the Shurley Team, where she collaborates on product development and promotion with her mother-in-law, Brenda Shurley.

Kim believes wholeheartedly in the work she does in curriculum development, which is why she homeschools her two children in the summer months using the Shurley method of instruction. After all, educating children is what this family-run company is all about.

In her spare time, Kim can be found adventuring in the mountains of Colorado with her family.