Let's Get Organized with Writing Maps!

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Being organized is a key ingredient to the writing process. It helps everyone stay focused and on-topic. I find that writing maps not only help my students accomplish this goal, but these planning tools also give them a great place to start. 

Recently, I had a teacher at a workshop ask me where to find all the Prewriting Maps since they have not yet ventured into the digital version of Shurley English.

Here is a step-by-step process to access our Prewriting Maps from our website:

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Step 1:

Go to www.shurley.com.

Select the login button.

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Step 2:

Login to your Shurley account.

Don't have a Shurley account? No problem! Simply select the REGISTER link.

Your account is free and your information will remain private.

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Step 3:

Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage.

Click the PRINTABLES button.

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Step 4:

Select the appropriate grade level and view the printable content.

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Step 5:

Scroll through the PDF content. For most levels, you will find multiple pages of resources.

Print the map you wish to use.

Happy writing!


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Cindy Goeden

Cindy Goeden has enjoyed being involved with Shurley English for the last sixteen of her twenty-six years in the field of education.  Working with various levels of students in elementary, junior, and high schools, in both the private and public arenas, Cindy surely is thankful for the providential day that she was introduced to Shurley English, which changed forever her approach to Language Arts instruction. That has led to her current job of having the joy of sharing about Shurley with other educators.  Her love of learning has prodded her to earn over two hundred and twenty hours, which includes two bachelor degrees in education.


Cindy currently lives with her husband, Donald, in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she enjoys puttering in her flowers, changing up her décor with the seasons, and occasionally getting out and traveling with Donald to either explore a new beach or view historic sights and gardens.