Teaching Study Skills: Tips, Strategies, and Checklists that Work

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Do you have some students who continually struggle with organizing their assignments, their folders, their personal desk area, and just generally need some extra incentives to be ready for school obligations? It may benefit them, and you, to lead a lesson in study skills.

A Study Skills Unit should give students practical help so that they may learn and apply best practices for success.  A great place to start is by focusing on these three areas of study skills: 

1)   How to get organized.

2)   How to listen.

3)   How to use your time wisely.

So that students may gauge their work in these three key areas, a checklist is a MUST!

I have provided some great samples to help you get started, but there is even more you can do.

Do you need a comprehensive Study Skills lesson plan?

Don't worry, Shurley English has you covered! Simply go to the Unit Studies Section in the back of your Shurley English book and check it out! Our Study Skills Unit is jammed packed with ideas to help the struggling, organizationally challenged students in your class.

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Cindy Goeden

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