Language Arts Success: The BEST of 2018

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As the calendar year comes to a close, a teacher’s journey is still moving at full speed. (It’s true!) We are not quite to the half-way mark of our year, and we still have much to do! As 2018 comes to a close and before you begin the second semester, I would encourage you to take a moment, stop, and reflect. It is good for the mind and soul to take note of one’s progress. What successes are you seeing in the classroom? Are you on the track you had planned? Do you need to make adjustments?

To help you do so, we've assembled a list of the 10 most significant language arts stories we discussed in 2018. From study skill tips to word analysis strategies to the grammar-writing connection, these articles examine ways to ignite learning while building a solid foundation for #ELAsuccess.

We’ll be back next week to kick off another year of insight into English Language Arts. In the meantime, please enjoy the stories below, and let us know what's on your radar for the semester ahead by commenting below. Happy New Year!

Let’s Get Organized with Writing Maps!

Teaching Correct Subject-Verb Agreement

What is an appositive?

Adverb or Adjective?

What is Shurley English?

Grammar and Writing: It’s a process

Word Analysis Strategy: How to convey depth of meaning

Capitalization and Punctuation Rules: Teaching students the art of conventions

The “Perfect” Shurley Teacher

Teaching Study Skills: Tips, strategies, and checklists that work